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What is the 200M Fund Co-Investor Application Process?

Updated on September 19, 2020

The application must be submitted by the co-investor, knowing that he must invest an amount equal or greater than the amount mentioned by the fund to the chosen company. The co-investor must log-in and submit his application through an online form. Then he has to review and evaluate the SME company business plan.

  • The application is assessed based on who applied first and some other criteria that you can find below:
  • Proven experience of the co-investors in investment-related activities
  • The project objective and sector industry
  • Total amount invested in companies
  • Private investment load for the total proposed operations
  • Number of partners
  • Amount of jobs created
  • Expected ROR of the project
  • Introduction of disruptive products or services

After the evaluation of the submitted application, the decision is conveyed to the co-investor. If the application is accepted, then the investment will be made to the targeted company.

For more information, check Portugal 200M Co-Invest official website.

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