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Is there any agency that promotes R&D and innovation in Portugal?

Updated on September 21, 2020

Portuguese government made in place the National Agency of Innovation (ANI) to assist technological and business innovation in Portugal.

It aims to associate Portugal with the image of an innovative country and promote the settlement and investment of foreign companies in the country.

ANI gives two types of incentives: Fiscal and Financial (PT 2020)

Centro de Computação Gráfica (CCG) is a private, non-profit research, development and consultancy association, established in Minho University, in Guimarães, in the North of Portugal.

It is oriented on Research, Development, and Innovation projects. The center focuses on investing in research that turns into innovation to increase competitiveness.

The CCG is organized into four fields of applied research specialized in scientific areas: Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphics, Engineering Process, Maturity & Quality, Perception, Interaction & Usability, Urban and Mobile Computing

The Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT) is the national agency for Science, Technology, and Innovation.

FCT support the R&D and Innovation in Portugal by financing the professionals and scientist providing them with Ph.D. scholarship, Professional contracts for the Innovation and Development centers and Universities, different kinds of support for innovation projects, and helping the scientific community

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