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How are the bilateral relationships between the UK and Portugal?

Updated on September 21, 2020
  • The Anglo-Portuguese treaty of 1373 is the oldest active alliance in the world.
  • The Methuen treaty of 1703 allowed the entry of Portuguese wines on British soil. The Alliance and Friendship Treaty of 1810 opened the ports of the Portuguese Empire to the United Kingdom. In 1914, the two countries signed an agreement for full freedom of trade and navigation.
  • According to the Portuguese Embassy, in 2009 the UK was the fourth largest client of the country.
  • Regular flights between Portugal and UK airports that amount to 682 flights weekly.
  • In 2018, Portugal’s highest number of tourists was from the UK with 2 million visitors, a 15% share of the tourism market, and made a 2.810 M revenue.
  • The UK is also the first foreign investor in Portugal with a total of 896 M investment in 2018.

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