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What are the Fiscal and Financial incentives for R&D businesses?

Updated on September 21, 2020

Fiscal incentives:

  • SIFIDE is a tax incentive program that deducts the IRC from the R&D expenses for a company
  • Recognition of companies in the technology sectors: If your company is registered as a micro or small enterprise and get this recognition, your employees will get an IRS exempt from their incomes. (according to the criteria outlined in the annex of Decree-Law no. 372/2007)

Financial incentives:

The ANI manages the financial incentives for Portugal 2020. They aim to reinforce the private investment in R&I and collaborative innovation through the introduction of more efficient use and management of public policy instruments for R&D and innovation businesses and to place an economic value on knowledge.

The different types of approved project are found below:

  • Co-Development TR&D provides support to co-developed companies that carry out industrial research and experimental development activities.
  • Co-development R&D Centres.
  • Demonstrators: The agency supports the businesses that come up with a new technological solution with complete and successful R&D activities.
  • Mobilizer Programmes: are the strategic R&D projects that integrate technological and innovative aspects to create new products, processes, or services.
  • Contractual Amendment Application: It is a support file for contractual amendment applications, which is formalized during the project.
  • Research Grant: Managing and awarding a research grant for co-development TR&D and demonstrator projects.
  • Payment request-checklist: It is a support checklist made of the documents to send for each payment request submitted during the project.

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