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What are the investment priorities of Portugal 2020?

Updated on September 19, 2020

Portugal 2020 fund intervention priorities are: 

  • Competitiveness and Internalization: The focus in this section is to promote more export, reducing the freight costs and shipping time, modernize and digitalize Portugal’s public administration, and increase the investment in research, development, and disruptive startups.
  • Social Inclusion and Employment: Finding easy access for young people to employment, support the development of skills for the labor market, improve access to health and social services, and promote equal opportunities.  
  • Human Capital: Investing to improve the quality of education and training, reinforce the link between education and the job market, focusing on higher education and advanced training, which will lead to a better chance of employability.
  • Sustainability and Resource Efficiency: Investing in sustainable and renewable energy, reducing carbon emission, reducing fires, protecting the coast from erosion, preventing flooding, decreasing the use of water and consumption, and adapting to climate change.

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