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What are the most thriving Portuguese startups?

Updated on September 21, 2020
  • Farfetch: Online luxury fashion retail.
  • DCK Beachwear: A family company of beachwear focuses exclusively on Men’s board shorts.
  • Indie Campers: The largest campervan rental company.
  • Unbabel: The professional translation platform you will be needing for all your company tasks.
  • Zaask: The platform where you can find all local services professionals to hire.
  • Chic By Choice: It is a rental service for dresses and accessories.
  • Huub: Logistic platform made for fashion brands.
  • Knok Healthcare: It’s a home doctor visit service for people unable to leave their houses.
  • Sword Health: The first digital therapist company.
  • Jscrambler: Helps you secure your Javascript and monitor your webpage.

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