With an outstanding tech ecosystem, amazing weather, and a gateway for the European Union market, you already know why Portugal is the best place for your startup. But not only of international companies is the tech market made from; in fact, Portuguese startups have been in the spotlight for a long time — hence, 10 of them made Wired’s ‘Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups 2018’ list. Be it fashion, tourism, or translation, here are ten Portuguese Startups you should keep an eye on, not in any specific order!

HomeLovers:with the boom in foreign investment in Portugal, it was only a matter of time until a state agent’s company offered not just English speaking services, but also advice and legal support when applying for the Golden Visa. Focused on high-end properties, both for buying or renting.

Farfetch: with a recently opened tech hub in Braga, besides being present in Porto, Guimarães and Lisbon, the Portuguese answer to Net-A-Porter is the leading global technology platform for the luxury fashion industry.

DCK Beachwear: with an extensive Atlantic coast and several surf spots, it’s only natural that a beachwear company would be on this list. With prices under 50 euros and ten years under their belt, this family company focuses exclusively on men’s board shorts, with all pieces made in Portugal.

Indie Campers: now present in over 50 locations in 16 European countries (and islands!), Indie Campers has been providing motorhome and campervan hire since 2013. They are now the largest campervan rental company. https://www.instagram.com/p/BrvGRIynTka/embed

Unbabel: this Lisbon-based startup delivers professional translations and offers multilingual staff to fulfill everyone’s wildest customer communications’ dreams, combining both AI and human knowledge. Its clients include MyFitnessPal, Bit4Coin and many more.

Zaask: looking for cleaning services, private classes or even remodeling professionals? Zaask offers a wide range of professionals for an even wider range of services, from gardening to wedding planning. Based in Lisbon, it is often quoted as the ‘Amazon of services’, and one of the most prominent startups in the country.

Chic By Choice: does Portugal’s past as an industrial textile hub influence the rise of Portuguese fashion startups? If the answer is yes, Chic By Choice adds to the list: a dress and accessories rental service, to avoid buying things one would only wear once — and also promote green fashion. Ceremonies, weddings, graduations: they’ve got you covered.

Huub: this startup offers a logistics platform for fashion brands, as a way to evolve and connect suppliers and brands, managing stock levels and shipping, hence developing the brands’ business from wholesale to e-commerce. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl8S7NHnIba/embed

Knok Healthcare: call a doctor, wherever you are, and they will come to you. This home service provides immediate, reliable and convenient appointment for people who are not mobile (such as children or the elderly) and even video-appointments if necessary. Innovative and fast-growing, Knok was chosen by Wired Magazine as one of 10 companies revolutionizing healthcare.

Sword Health: another Portuguese company devoted to innovation and healthcare, that promises to be the future of physical therapy (and it delivers it). Combining AI with high-precision motion tracking sensors, this startup allows people to have access to high-quality physical treatment without leaving their homes.