A note from the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion informs today that applications for the PII status will benefit from accelerated and simplified administrative procedures. 

A special regime with simplified administrative procedures and online submissions through ePortugal are now available for Investment Projects for the Interior (PII).

The eligible projects with a global investment of at least 10 million euros, the potential to create at least 25 direct jobs that have proven economic viability and are environmentally and territorially sustainable can apply for the interior territories’ investment solutions.

According to Ana Abrunhosa, projects that are candidates for investment must also demonstrate a positive impact on the use of endogenous resources, enhancing the region’s natural or cultural heritage, the framework of the region’s specialization strategy, and innovative production of tradable goods and services.

The projects must also use innovative technological processes or developed in collaboration with entities from the regional scientific and technology ecosystem, such as universities or research centers, and interact with other activities in the region, namely micro and small businesses.

Investment Projects for the Interior with a value of fewer than 10 million euros and creators of less than 25 jobs may be eligible when they are considered “recognition of the municipal interest,” with at least 5% of the turnover dedicated to research and development and with a vital component of innovation and the introduction of technology in the processes.

The promoters of the projects, according to the ministry, will have permanent and systematic monitoring by the Permanent Investor Support Commission.