FARO, Portugal, March 3, 2020  — The Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, IAPMEI, accredited GrowIN Portugal as one of the host entities within the Portuguese StartUP Visa Program that aim to attract investment, talent, and innovation capacity to Portugal.

GrowIN Portugal that is already part of the National Network of Incubators, RNI, has been since 2018 focusing on developing novel ways to bridge the gap between non-EU entrepreneurs and the booming Portuguese tech and innovation ecosystem. In this context, GrowIN Portugal built and launched a Company as a Service Platform that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to set up and manage a startup in Portugal remotely.

“I have always believed in the enormous potential of Portugal to pioneer the development of a unique tech and innovation ecosystem where brilliant minds from all over the world would be welcome to contribute,” stated Anas El Arras, Founder & CEO of GrowIN Portugal.

The Startup Visa Program aims to strengthen the country’s innovation ecosystem and to affirm Portugal’s positioning as a country open to entrepreneurship and to anyone with knowledge and capabilities to contribute to the development of the country’s economy.

According to Anas El Arras, GrowIN Portugal receives expressions of interest daily from entrepreneurs and startups all over the world who are willing to expand their businesses to Portugal. With the StartUp Visa accreditation, GrowIN Portugal aims to add further value to the Portuguese tech and innovation ecosystem by leveraging its international know-how to attract non-EU startups to the country.

Since the inception of the Portuguese StartUP Visa Program in 2018, young entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to launch innovative startups have quick access to a residence permit that grants them the right to create or move their startup to Portugal.

This program is one of the most innovative at the European level for attracting international talent. International entrepreneurs who wish to have access to the Startup Visa and obtain a residence permit should use IAPMEI’s online platform to submit their applications. They should demonstrate that they: Intend to develop business activities to produce innovative services and solutions; Commit to incorporate or relocate their startup to Portugal. Possess the potential to create qualified employment; and have the potential to attain, 3 years after the incubation period, a € 325,000 net income, or a turnover of more than € 500,000 per year.

On an ending note, Anas El Arras stated, “The Portuguese Government, namely Startup Portugal, has taken unprecedented steps and invested huge efforts towards positioning Portugal as a Hub for Startups. Over the next couple of months, GrowIN Portugal will integrate its Company as a Service Platform with the Portuguese e-residency to further ease the administrative processes for non-Portuguese entrepreneurs.”

About GrowIN Portugal:

GrowIN Portugal is an accredited Incubator, Accelerator, and Company as a Service Platform that helps Entrepreneurs Incorporate, Accelerate, Fund, Expand and Move their Startups to Portugal.


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