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*: Government fee for company registration, requesting Taxpayer ID, and reserving a company name will apply

**: VAT rate of 23% will apply where relevant

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It’s mandatory by law that anyone willing to incorporate a Company in Portugal obtains a Taxpayer Number, often referred to as – NIF (Numero de Identificacao Fiscal). For EU Residents, the process to get one is straightforward. In contrast to that, it’s mandatory for Non-EU Resident to have a Portuguese Fiscal Representation. Our partners and procedures in place are there to help you obtain your NIF.

There are several types of legal structures available in Portugal. Since we do understand startups and entrepreneurs, we advise going with the Limited Liability Company which is the most straightforward structure in Portugal and one that doesn’t have any Capital Requirements. Our online application and onboarding team guide you throughout the entire application steps making sure that we take all pain from you.

Together with Portuguese banks, we ease the entire application process so that you can rapidly open a bank account for your newly established Company. The activation of the bank account requires your presence in Portugal to finalize the process. Nonetheless, we have alternatives that enable you to open a business account remotely such as using Revolut or Transferwise.

We do take care of your Company registration with all competent authorities up to issuing the Company Card that enables you to do any transactions in Portugal. Furthermore, it's required by law to declare the commencement of your business activities via a Chartered Accountant; we provide you with this service via our Partners.

Frequently Asked

We have got answers to all your questions

1. What is the Portuguese Taxpayer Number?

The NIF identifies individuals with the Tax and Customs Authority (TA). It is exclusively intended for the processing of information of a fiscal and customs nature. The NIF is automatically generated, unique and composed of nine digits.

2. Why is it Necessary to Have a Portuguese Taxpayer Number?

NIF is indispensable to conclude a lease contract, contract the services of water, electricity, telephone, gas, etc., for the purchase of a property, and most importantly to open a Company in Portugal and to Apply for a Residence Permit in Portugal.

3. What are the Requirements to Obtain a Portuguese Taxpayer Number

Anyone can obtain the NIF including foreigners not living in Portugal. To do so, you will have to provide the competent authorities with a Passport Copy, a Proof of Address, and have a Portuguese Fiscal Representative if you reside outside of the European Union.

4. How can GrowIN Help me Obtain a Portuguese Taxpayer Number?

Within your GrowIN Incorporate application, you will have the opportunity to indicate whether you need a NIF. In case you do, we will automatically initiate the process to help you obtain one promptly that we can proceed with your Company registration.

5. How Long does it Take for GrowIN to Obtain my Portuguese Taxpayer Number?

Your GrowIN Incorporate on-boarding specialist will guide you along the process. As soon as we receive all the required documents from you, we will submit your application to the Tax Authorities that issues your NIF within the same working day.

6. What if I already Have a Portuguese Taxpayer Number?

In case you already have a Portuguese Taxpayer Number, we will move you straight ahead to the next step of the process. Do not forget to mention your NIF Number while filling your GrowIN Incorporate online application.


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