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Program Outline

We help you Grow and Upgrade your Startup
120 Minutes

Tech Consulting

IT Expert

A dedicated expert evaluates your technology stack to provide constructive feedback and valuable advice on how you can both improve and optimize the use of technology in your Startup.

Digital Marketer

What is the right marketing approach should your Startup adopt? What is the role of social media in reaching out to more clients and stakeholders? A Marketing Expert will answer all your questions and provide you with useful tips that help improve your brand positioning.

Strategy Consultant

Whether you operate in one country and seek to expand your business activity into another, or that you want to acquire customers from a given geographic region, professionals with years of worldwide business exposure and deep understanding on differences, similarities, and specificities of international markets will mentor you and accompany your first steps towards global expansion.

Tax Consultant

Founders often operate their business in more than one country and end up struggling to get their act together when it comes to fiscal matters. ``I live in Country A, half my team is in County B, and my office in country C, and customers in Country D. Where shall I pay my taxes and what is the most optimal way to avoid double taxation?

Fund Manager

In this webinar, you can expect to have an overview of the different funding programs that are available in Portugal and Europe and how to benefit from them. Moreover, you will receive expert advice on how to make your Startup investment ready and develop a better understanding of what VCs are looking for and how you should approach them.

30 Minutes


It's essential to understand the legal implications of all actions and business endeavors in which you engage. No matter what your questions could be, we have on-demand Startup Lawyers who can help you eliminate doubts and feel more confident about the legality of what you are doing.


Startups often neglect the importance of Accounting as they are too busy with customers acquisition and technology development. Nonetheless, it's worth mentioning that keeping your books organized and clean is mandatory if you aim to achieve sustainable and long-lasting growth. Our partner Accountants offer an on-demand service to help you structure your accounting and have more visibility about the dos and don ts.

Frequently Asked

We have got answers to all your questions

1. What is GrowIN Accelerate?

GrowIN Accelerate is a 4 Weeks Acceleration Program that aims to fast-track the growth of Startups and Entrepreneurs by providing them with a unique set of tools and professional advice to help advance their business.

2. How & When Can I Apply to GrowIN Accelerate?

GrowIN Accelerate comes with a simplified yet well-established selection process that only admits qualified candidates with the potential to benefit from the program. We review and accept applications on a rolling basis, and our next program intake is December 1st.

3. Who is GrowIN Accelerate for?

GrowIN Accelerate is for Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders from all over the world who are looking for expert, actionable, and in-depth but affordable advice, and who aim to scale and globally expand their operations overseas.

4. What are the Outcomes of the Program?

GrowIN Accelerate has been tailored to fit the very needs of Startups and Entrepreneurs seeking affordable but professional advice that results in concrete outcomes. With a network of partners covering several fields that are essential to growth, you will get at the end of the program with your Upgraded Startup and professional business and financial plans.


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